Girls getting Dirty

If you climb like the Strava Queen of the local hood and you have a lightweight power machine, you probably also know your local bike mechanic by his first name and you probably don’t really have to read this. There’s an excellent chance that your bike glides smooth like butter, and your significant other checks the vitals of your beloved animal before every ride, and takes pride in giving it a well-deserved bubble bath upon your muddy return. But there’s a good chance that you actually don’t tick all those boxes.

Coz in real life things happen when you least expect it..

Husbands go away on business trips just when you happen to enter your very first stage race, your trusted bike mechanic won’t do a call-out to the remotest corner of the forest, where Whatsapp “share-my location” doesn't even reach, and the only thing you can hear for miles is the annoying squeaky protest of your trusted steed.

Tragedy strikes all too often on what was meant to be a social stroll with your five favourite girlfriends. If you’re lucky, a knight in shining lycra might just happen upon your path to come to your rescue, but all too often girls have to do it for themselves!

We started “Tech Workshop for Bokkies” for exactly this reason, with the first session covering aspects of “bike set-up” and learning to fine-tune your bike to make your ride a better, safer and more enjoyable one. Fun starts here. If you know what your cockpit is, you can adjust it to suit your needs ;) simply by using that multi tool you got last Christmas, the one you have no idea how to use but take on every ride just in case.

While there’s no test or exam, the real test comes when you notice things like the (men’s) saddle on the bike of your novice friend that is way too low, and you can sort it out. Well almost, because some comforts have to be bought, but at least you have the knowledge to empower her, and her other half will thank you later!

We aim to empower women with knowledge to adjust their set-up, to set their suspension to suit their body weight and riding style, and teach them to ask the right questions when they have the next coffee at the bike shop. There are few things more rewarding than showing your bike mechanic that you’re not a blonde, you know how to ask for a tubeless conversion and you can discuss the tyre tread and width of your new tyres with confidence.

Our next session will be all about tyres and it’s relationship with your ride, you will get hands-on experience on how to fix a flat (so you won’t ever forget!) and all this while we sip a good glass of bubbly and have a giggle over a cheeseboard for sustenance. Getting your hands dirty is hard work, but getting empowered is the reward.

And who knows, Mr Lycrapants might just need you on the next ride..