Boss Bokkie
Mar 18, 2017

Tech workshop The Finale


So the girls got their hands dirty checking and breaking chains, removing rear wheels and adjusting brakes while sippping bubbly. Let us have your thoughts on how we can improve our next endeavor?




Peta Johnson
Mar 18, 2017

Having only been able to attend one workshop, my comments are limited to this last one. The explanations, pictures and presentation were well thought out in terms of subject matter. Bernike and her team were excellent in giving explanations where required and with some bubbles under our belts, moving on to the practical application, helped us relax and just do!! My personal sense of accomplishment was huge and I felt like a real mechanic being able to do the whole chain breaking, threading and fixing thing all on my own! And to remove and replace a back mental block for all the years I've been riding...well, I felt like a rock star having got that under my belt!

The only disappointment was not being able to find a bike to realign the brakes...

My only negative comment is having not been able to attend the first two workshops!

Well done Bernike and your team...really great!



Mar 18, 2017

I attended workshop one which dealt with the general workings of the bike and set ups for a more comfortable user friendly ride. I loved having the hands on help with my own bike after everything had been clearly explained on a power point presentation. The vibe was lovely and relaxed and not intimidating at all. You felt comfortable to ask questions without looking "stupid". Thanks to that workshop I am now the proud owner of a dropper post. Thank you chief bokkie and your crew. An amazing evening.

Nicole Johnson
Mar 18, 2017

I can highly recommend this series of workshops to any cyclist who need some essential technical know-how. I wish, when I bought my bike, that I could have gone on this course as part of the deal!

The workshops were presented in a relaxed atmosphere, with clear, informative presentations and hands-on practical exercises.

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  • Boss Bokkie
    Feb 21, 2017

    Thanks for all attending the Tech Workshop last Thursday, was so nice to see so many faces. How did everyone find the workshop, feedback would be very appreciated so we can fine tune them for the future.

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