If you climb like the Strava Queen of the local hood and you have a lightweight power machine, you probably also know your local bike mechanic by his first name and you probably don’t really have to read this. There’s an excellent chance that your bike glides smooth like butter, and your significant other checks the vitals of your beloved animal before every ride, and takes pride in giving it a well-deserved bubble bath upon your muddy return. But there’s a good chance that you actually don’t tick all those boxes.

Coz in real life things happen when you least expect it..

Husbands go away on business trips just when you happen to enter your very first stage race, your trusted bike mechanic won’t do a call-out to the remotest corner of the forest, w...

While the general idea of Mountain Biking is to stay on your bike, the occasional oopsie does prevail.  As an accident is exactly that, an accident, and the inevitable rendesvouz with Signore Le Ground will sometimes be painful.  For these unexpected occasions wouldn't it make sense to be dressed/protected accordingly?

Protection has progressed, knee pads especially.  Not too long ago protective gear (besides helmets) was reserved to the downhill brigade.  They were hard capped, heavy and generally excessively warm.  This made no difference when the riding was comprised of hurtling down a ravine.  With the advance of bike geometry and general riders becoming more eager to ride the trails than never-ending district roads, the need for a...

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