Elise Swanepoel gives us a recap of the 2017 Wine2Whales and why her different approach at riding flat pedals made it even better.

So you’ve just opened your Instagram feed or Facebook, and you’ve been tagged on pics posted of the last group ride.  You eagerly swipe through to see if she got the one of you pinning it through that corner.. but,  it looks more “Bokkie frozen in the headlamps” than “Rachel Atherton on the WC circuit”?  Don’t let it happen again.  

While there are tons of video’s and blogs written about cornering, people still do the weirdest things, so let’s put a fresh new angle on it. There are some common mistakes that we all make, so let’s check them out and get some tips on how to correct them.  

1.  Don't steer your bike!   

It’s a corner, right, so steering is inevitable? Not n...

Don't worry, this isn't yet another write up on punctures. Unlike a "pap wiel",  this kinda flat is gaining momentum and causing much confusion amongst the trendsetters in mountain biking. Like tubeless tyres many moons ago, the latest hot trend on rides are all about pedals and shoes. We're talking about the war of the "Flat Foot Brigade" vs "The Lycra Clipless Warriors".. (And knowing which side to choose..)

Ten years ago, the ultimate benchmark in mountain biking was whether you were on cleats (also known as clipless pedals) or if you were still riding steel commuter pedals, or even toe clips like a newbie. Too many of us felt the pain of a grazed knee or elbow in our quest to prove our mountain bik...

Sometimes one needs a change of scenery, even if you live in paradise.

Whether it’s an actual holiday or just a different "office view”, nothing beats the anticipation of hitting the road, a vague idea of a date that becomes a booking that becomes a trip.  Loaded with bikes, too many camera attachments and some good coffee, the rest is left to where Imagination takes us.  

I was given a lucky chance to follow the

Absa Cape Epic 2017 for a few days, document the human moments of the “toughest mountain bike race in the world”, and watch The World’s Best charge through the bush like zebra's getting chased.  And some even don the kit to match this metaphor… 

Apparently “great things don’t happen in your comfort zone”. And this race isn't comfo...

I am the much sought-after but ever elusive companion most wanted by the women who roam this earth.

Women know that I make them beautiful, as I give them a radiantly glowing crown from the inside out to face down the Fear Inducers and show the world what it means to be a warrior princess.

Let’s be honest, there can only ever be one Princess Di, and yet I see no reason why we cannot all be the bearers of the tiara of accomplishment.

Hello, my name is Confidence...

As women, we are all too familiar with the constant mindgame that fills our headspace, the ongoing struggle between the excitement of pushing the boundaries of fear and the primal instinct for self-preservation. Especially if you are a mountain biking Bokkie with your eyes firmly set on con...

...but, small changes can make a big difference, was my pleasant and surprising discovery.

Frustrated with my unsuitable marathon bike on the trails, I sold a piano to buy an aluminum, middle of the range trail bike.

My first instagram post read like this:  "Thor the thunderbolt born today in the #harkerville forest.  Weight: not important.  Ride: the best one EVER!!  #mtb #knysna

And the truth is, at that stage weight did not seem important at all when compared to the superior handling the bike had to my previous marathon machine.  I was thrilled with my new steed, but a year down the line I began to feel the strain as I pushed on to do tougher, more technical rides with stronger, more capable riders.  There’s nothing like being pin...

If you climb like the Strava Queen of the local hood and you have a lightweight power machine, you probably also know your local bike mechanic by his first name and you probably don’t really have to read this. There’s an excellent chance that your bike glides smooth like butter, and your significant other checks the vitals of your beloved animal before every ride, and takes pride in giving it a well-deserved bubble bath upon your muddy return. But there’s a good chance that you actually don’t tick all those boxes.

Coz in real life things happen when you least expect it..

Husbands go away on business trips just when you happen to enter your very first stage race, your trusted bike mechanic won’t do a call-out to the remotest corner of the forest, w...

While the general idea of Mountain Biking is to stay on your bike, the occasional oopsie does prevail.  As an accident is exactly that, an accident, and the inevitable rendesvouz with Signore Le Ground will sometimes be painful.  For these unexpected occasions wouldn't it make sense to be dressed/protected accordingly?

Protection has progressed, knee pads especially.  Not too long ago protective gear (besides helmets) was reserved to the downhill brigade.  They were hard capped, heavy and generally excessively warm.  This made no difference when the riding was comprised of hurtling down a ravine.  With the advance of bike geometry and general riders becoming more eager to ride the trails than never-ending district roads, the need for a...

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